Beat the clock & manage time like never before

Efficiently tackle your daily tasks with task timers, cook your favorite dish with the help of a kitchen timer, create healthy study habits with a Pomodoro timer, and so many more options to help you throughout the day.

Getting started is easy

Set multiple timers with any kind of timer you may need. Available options include intervals, countdowns, count-ups, stopwatches, clocks, tap-based counters, and more.

Get more out of MultiTimer with a wide
range of accessible features

Personalize your time

Give timers and counters your own personal touch. Customize and accessorize with numerous labels, colors, icons, alert styles, sounds, and notifications.

Flexible layout

Create several boards for placing multiple timers, change the layout and arrange multiple timers on the board however you please.

Adapt and adjust

Adjust date and time parameters to specify the duration of each timer. Add extra time to running timers, select "Autorepeat" to restart timers automatically, adjust timer start configurations with delayed start, choose an "overtime" period for completed timers, and more.

Optimize the use of time

Save all of your timer and counter history and export the app data whenever you need it. The app tracks the time and actions of all your running timers and can be exported via CSV file.

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Frequently asked questions

Do the iOS and Android apps have the same feature set?

The basic functions of the app are the same on both platforms. However, the iOS app is a more mature app and therefore has a wider list of functions.

But this fact does not reduce the capabilities of the Android version of the app; For instance the iOS version does not include the ability to undo user actions in the app - 'Cancel last action'. You can compare the versions here.

Do I have to pay again for the Android App?

At the moment, the iOS and Android apps are only linked conceptually; therefore, the Pro Update of each version of the app is purchased separately.

Do the apps sync with each other?

The current versions of the Android and iOS apps are only linked conceptually. But the apps do have a timer board export feature.

The export file can be imported into the app on either platform. The export feature is available with the Pro app update.

The upgrade is available by subscription as well as by one-time purchase.

Important note: Purchases for the Android and iOS apps are not linked either.

Does MultiTimer support smart watches?

MultiTimer supports the Apple Watch app. It is a dependent app, meaning that the user cannot add or customize boards and timers in it.

The app gets all the data from the app on the iPhone and the user subsequently controls them on the Apple Watch.

The timer data from the watch is synchronized with the timers on the phone.

If you are having a sync trouble between devices, you can find a solution here.

The Android version of the app does not currently have an app running on wareOS.

Does the Annual subscription ensure updates, but the One-time purchase not, or is it just a cost savings?

The application has only one license, which is expressed as Pro-upgrade activation. The user activates the upgrade by purchasing different usage periods: Monthly Subscription, Annual Subscription, and One-Time Payment.

And while a "Subscription" is a payment for access to the app's Pro functionality for a certain period of time, a One-Time Payment is not a subscription, it is the purchase of a lifetime use of the features included in the Pro-upgrade package. Each of the subscriptions has a trial period of 14 days, when the user can test the features. At the end of the trial period, the user must cancel the selected subscription or it will take effect.

The user determines their own purchase of a comfortable Pro-upgrade activation period based on their current needs and future plans for using the application.

The set of features included in the Pro upgrade is the same for all payment periods. It is important to note that the upgrade feature set is not permanent - it expands as features enhance and new ones are developed.

Third-party developers have zero control over the entire AppStore or Play Market purchase process. Billing, refunds, authorization, returns, etc. - all of this is handled by the app stores.

The basic version of the MultiTimer application is free, forever.

You can always upgrade to Pro to get more valuable features.